Hymen Repair Surgery : Hymenoplasty Surgery Cost in Delhi

      About Hymen Repair Surgery

      Hymenoplasty is a simple process that is done in clinics under the local anesthesia. Under this process, a torn skin around the hymen is cut out, and then the remaining tissues are stitched together.
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      Hymenoplasty is a very safe process, and it doesn’t involve much complexity if performed by a trained professional surgeon. For safe hymenoplasty surgery, you can contact Divine cosmetic surgery.


      The Hymenoplasty process doesn’t take too long to complete. This surgery takes a maximum of 30 minutes to an hour. But healing can take around four weeks to 6 weeks.

      Cost Of Hymen Repair Surgery

      The hymenoplasty price in India depends upon the states in which you are going for the surgery, and it also depends on the type of health facilities. But the average Hymenoplasty cost in India is around INR 25000 To 45000. The prices in private hospitals and clinics are a bit higher as compared to government hospitals.

      How does hymen repair surgery work?

      The hymenoplasty restores the virginity of a woman to its original state. And this procedure is undertaken due to different social, cultural, or religious processes. In many cultures and societies, losing virginity before marriage is considered bad. Thus this process enables a woman to restore the hymen to its original shape. This also heals women who have undergone any kind of sexual abuse in the past.

      Procedure for hymen repair surgery

      Under the process of hymenoplasty, the torn hymen is stitched back together by a professional surgeon. And the process begins after general anesthesia is administered to the patient to avoid any pain or discomfort. The surgeon sews the torn part of the hymen, and the stitches are dissolvable. This is a very convenient surgery that doesn’t lead to any discomfort.

      Target areas for hymen repair surgery

      Most of the women undergo this surgery for the following reasons:

      • Torn hymen due to sports activity
      • Broken hymen due to premarital sexual intercourse
      • The various social, cultural, and religious region that expects women to be a virgin before marriage
      • To heal sexual abuse due to rape.

      Are there any risks involved in hymen repair surgery?

      This process takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Most of the time, hymenoplasty is a safe procedure, but since this is a surgical process, sometimes following complications arise:

      • Bleeding
      • Bruises
      • Infections
      • Problems while administering anesthesia

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