How Popular Is Breast Augmentation In India?

March 31, 2021 | By admin

How Popular Is Breast Augmentation In India?

As per an article in Business Today, breast augmentation in India ranks 3rd amongst aesthetic surgeries. Since India houses well-educated experts and inexpensive medical facilities, people worldwide prefer to visit India for breast enlargement surgery done in India.

In 2010, India popped under the top 10 countries for several people who underwent Mammoplasty. With this aesthetic procedure on the rise since then, breast augmentation in India has become very popular.

At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we conduct breast enlargement for patients from India and other countries. Since India houses the best cosmetic surgeons, and the cost of the procedure isn’t as high as compared to other countries, women worldwide seek cosmetic surgeons in India to undergo this plastic surgery.


Brief Explanation Of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery is a cosmetic procedure where the patient is operated on to change the shape/size of their breasts. It is done by using implants, or even by transfer of fat.

  1. Breast Enlargement Via Fat Transfer: This is a simple process where fat is inserted into your breast tissues via liposuction. The procedure increases breast size up to 2 cups maximum.
  2. Breast Enlargement Via Implants: Depending on the requirement, the patient can choose bigger size implants for fuller breasts. At Divine, we have a moderate profile, high profile, and ultra-high profile as the size of the implants.


One can choose to get their breasts enlarged or decreased in size.

It is also known as Mammoplasty. It is a surgical procedure; however, we implement the safest surgical techniques at Divine.

Patients recover sooner as well as look better after breast augmentation. Some of the common reasons for people to undergo breast augmentation in India are:

  • Make-up for lost volume of their breasts due to weight loss, breast cancer, or pregnancy
  • Enhance their breasts to give the body a perfect hour-glass shape
  • Balance the weight between the hip as well as chest to get relief from pain in the spine
  • Balance weight in both the breasts

Which Type Of Mammoplasty Is Most Popular In India?

To answer this question, it is important to know the types of Breast Implants.

  1. Silicone implants for breasts
  2. Silicone gel implants for breasts
  3. Cohesive silicone implants
  4. Smooth implants
  5. High profile implants
  6. Male implants for breasts

Out of the above type of implants, the most popular one is Silicone gel implants.

Silicone gel breast implants give a more natural look and feel to the breast due to the gel present. It does not fold or wrinkle. The cost of the entire process depends on the charges of the cosmetic surgeon. On average, the expense ranges from INR 1.5 Lakh to 2.25 Lakhs at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, everything inclusive.

Cohesive silicone implants are also making their way through this industry and are the second most popular breast implant chosen by people. It is FDA-approved as well as does not degenerate. Since it is more expensive than silicone implants, people do not commonly choose an affordable way to augment their breasts.



Advantages Of Breast Augmentation In India

Perfect Shape Of The Bust 

It is one of the major reasons women choose breast augmentation, not just in India but globally. Fuller breasts lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Models women who work in the glamor industry are constantly looking for ways to look more presentable. Hence, Mammoplasty gives them a perfectly shaped bust, which enhances their figure.

Relief From Cervical & Spine Problems

If the bust and hips are not in proper balance, the entire load falls on the spine. The reason for the imbalance may be the bust being heavier than the hip, or vice-versa. By choosing breast augmentation, women can add/subtract the weight of breasts, thereby maintaining balance which further relieves the pain in the cervical and the spine.

Restore Lost Volume In Breasts

 One of the treatments of breast cancer involves removing the breast tissues. That results in lowering the volume of the bust. Hence the breasts look saggy. Weight loss and pregnancy also change the volume of the breasts. By choosing Mammoplasty, women can regain the original volume of their bust.

Inexpensive, And Advanced Medical Facilities

 India comes under a hub of expert medical professionals. But the best part is that the amount charged for cosmetic procedures in India is quite low compared to other countries. The technology of cosmetic surgeons shows the advanced level, so the patient receives the best treatment at inexpensive rates.

Cure Rashes/Itch Under Skin Of The Breast

Due to the breast’s sagginess, women may develop skin rash or itch in that area due to sweat accumulation. Mammoplasty makes the bust firm; hence no sweat accumulates. That relieves the patients from rashes under the breast.

A lot Of Options To Choose From

 One is sure to find a cosmetic surgeon in almost every part of the country. There may be multiple professionals in places that are densely populated. That gives you a lot of options that you can choose from. You can check reviews of different cosmetic clinics online, check their rates, and then decide based on what suits you best.

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