Is Breast Enlargement Safe?

March 24, 2021 | By admin

Is Breast Enlargement Safe?

In this article, I will inform you about:

  1. Why Do Women Choose Mammoplasty?
  2. Is Breast Enlargement Surgery Safe?
  3. How Much Does A Breast Enlargement Surgery Cost In India?

Let’s dive right in!

Since Mammoplasty came into prevalence, a lot of women are choosing breast enlargement surgery. As per PubMed, there has been a 293% increase in patients who undergo cosmetic surgery since 1997. They also mention that the rate of women who undergo Mammoplasty is also rising geometrically.

I am, Dr. Amit Gupta, I have been a cosmetic procedure for 17+ years. I am dealing with various methods to change the physical attributes in the safest way possible.

Using the latest tools, and techniques for the breast augmentation process, my method of installing breast implants only takes 20-45 minutes.

Why Do Women Choose Breast Enlargement Surgery?

There are many reasons for women to undergo breast augmentation. Below are some of the major reasons:


Mammoplasty After Mastectomy

Several patients come to me after getting their breast tissues removed, where the surgeon removes, either partially, or completely the tissues present in the breast. This is done to treat breast cancer and is known as Mastectomy. Although the disease goes away after the procedure, women who undergo this lose their self-esteem due to the breast removal process.

It is one of the major reasons why women choose to undergo breast enlargement. The silicone implants are safe and give their breasts a better look; hence, more confidence to carry on with their lives.



Maintain Balance Between Breasts, And Hip

There is a possibility of spine issues if your Hip and breasts do not balance weight. Many chiropractors also recommend breast enlargement to their patients who have imbalanced posture to relieve pressure on their spine.


Improve Self-Esteem

I’ve found this to be the second-best reason why women want to go through with Mammoplasty. Various surveys have determined that females with fuller breasts are more confident and have higher self-esteem. At the same time, women with small breasts may feel inferior due to their lean look.

Hence, breast enlargement helps boost their self-esteem since their figure looks better.

To Maintain Their Pre-Pregnancy Breasts

A woman’s breasts undergo tremendous change after they give birth. Depending on whether the nurse or not, the breasts either become enlarged or smaller. Also, the skin of that area becomes saggy once the breastfeeding phase is over. Breast enlargement is a sure-shot way for females to retain the original shape and size of their bust.



Is Breast Enlargement Surgery Safe?

I have performed several breast enlargement procedures in which the incision marks disappear in 1-2 weeks. Also, in my tenure of 17 years, and I never had any complaints, women go back to their normal routine after two days.

So, the direct answer to, ‘Is Mammoplasty safe?’ yes, it is safe.

If you are a healthy female, do not smoke, aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, have fully developed breasts, and aren’t happy with your bust’s size, you can contact Divine Cosmetic Surgery to achieve the best results.

To further ensure that there are no complications while and after the breast enlargement surgery, below are some safety measures that we follow:

1. Measures Followed Before Mammoplasty

  • The patient is asked to stop smoking at least 15 days before Mammoplasty
  • Routine urine and blood tests help to measure your parameters and determine the amount of anesthesia required for specific females.
  • A Mammogram test is conducted to ensure that the patient does not have breast cancer.

If you follow all of the above procedures, there will be no side effects or complications after the breast enlargement surgery.

2. Measures Followed After Mammoplasty

  • Advise the patient to avoid physical exercises for 7 days.
  • Wear elastic bands, and support garments during the time of recovery.
  • Application of medicated cream in the area of surgery.
  • Regular intake of prescribed painkillers and supplements.

3. Recovery: The recovery time depends on how carefully the patient follows the above measures. It takes a maximum of 6 weeks for a woman to recover after getting breast implants; however, the minimum recovery time depends on the patient’s vitals. We keep checking over the entire course of their recovery.

4. Common Side-Effect: One may feel heaviness in their chest and some swelling, but that’s a part of the recovery process.

How Much Does A Breast Enlargement Surgery Cost In India?

At Divine, we prefer going with implants that are safe and have a warranty on them. Countries like China, and Korea export breast implants that do not have a warranty on them. These products are very inexpensive; however, they carry a danger of bursting and leakage.

Cost of the Breast Enlargement Surgery in India depends on the following:

  • Quality of Implants
  • Warranty
  • Softness
  • Profile of the implant – Moderate, High, and Ultra-High

Although there are many implants to choose from, the type of procedure and style also determine the end-cost of breast enlargement surgery in India.

I specifically recommend implants that are either USFDA or EU (European Union) approved.

Asking the right questions also helps determine the cost of breast implants. For instance, if you ask the doctor questions such as ‘Is it USFDA approved?’, ‘What are the chances of the implant bursting?’, and ‘Is the implant safe?’, then the doctor knows that you have information about the procedure. In such a case, the cosmetic surgeon provides you with the best product and implements the procedure to your satisfaction.

Examples of the type of implants we use at Divine cosmetic surgery are silicone breast implants such as 275 CC Mentor silicone gel, 350 CC Sebbin Implants. An estimated range of the cost of breast enlargement procedure ranges from INR 1.5 Lakh to 2.25 Lakhs.

If you are looking for the best results in terms of a ‘boob job’, then just remind yourself, “Good breast implants aren’t cheap, and cheap breast implants aren’t good.”



Whether it is to restore your breasts’ size after weight loss or to get fully enhanced breasts to boost your confidence, the team of Divine and I tirelessly dedicate all of our expertise to providing the client with the exact change that they want.

My attempt to enlighten readers about the safety and cost of breast enlargement surgery is to help you choose to get Mammoplasty done.

Finally, a breast augmentation procedure may seem overwhelming at first, but cosmetic surgeons now have a detailed knowledge of such procedures. With the help of modern medicine, you do not feel a thing and wake up to enhanced, better-looking breasts.

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