How to Lose Thigh Fat Without Exercise : Liposuction Vs Coolsculpting

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How to Lose Thigh Fat Without Exercise : Liposuction Vs Coolsculpting

Reducing fat and getting a slimmer body can be a real struggle. This is especially difficult if you are very close to your goal and the last bit of stubborn fat just won’t budge. However, what if we told you that you could resolve this issue in a matter of a few hours or even minutes?

You might not believe us but we are here to tell you that is possible with the help of liposuction and cool sculpting. Every year, millions of people get these procedures done to achieve their ideal weight and body.

However, many people are also confused as to the difference between these procedures. If you are one of these people, then you are in the right place as we will look at the difference between liposuction and cool sculpting and how you can lose your thigh fat with the help of these cosmetic procedures in this article.


The Difference between Liposuction and Coolsculpting

The first thing that you need to know is that both liposuction and cool sculpting are procedures that help in reducing fat. However, there are a lot of differences between these procedures and we will look at those differences by referring to the list given below.



CoolSculpting Procedure Vs Liposuction Procedure

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedureLiposuction is an invasive medical procedure
It is also known as cryolipolysisIt is also known as lipo
It helps in removing extra fat cells present under the skin without any surgeryThe procedure helps in removing fat pockets present under the skin
During this procedure, a special tool is used to clamp down and cool the rolls of fat at a very freezing temperatureThe plastic surgeon makes a small incision and uses a cannula, which is a long and narrow suction tool, to vacuum fat out of different areas of the body
In the next few weeks after the treatment, the body will naturally eliminate the frozen and dead fat cells through the liverThe fat is removed within the operating room only
Results of the procedure are visible within a few weeks of the treatmentResults of the procedure are visible once the swelling goes down
The final results are visible after a few monthsThe final results are visible after a few weeks
There is no cutting, stitching, anesthetizing, or recovery time involvedIt involves cutting, stitching, and anesthetizing
No anesthesia is requiredLocal anesthesia like lidocaine is used and general anesthesia can also be used


Duration of Coolsculpting Vs Duration of Liposuction

In the case of cool sculpting, a single session can take around an hour. In this procedure, one would need around a few sessions spread across several weeks to get the best results. The results are visible in the initial few weeks of getting the first session.

In the case of liposuction, the surgery can take around 1-2 hours. The duration of surgery depends on the size of the treated area and the amount of fat that needs to be sucked out of the targeted area. This is an outpatient procedure, which means that the patient would be able to go home on the same day of the surgery.

It can take a few days to recover from plastic surgery. And specific instructions and restrictions have to be followed during that time to get the best results. It can take a few months for the swelling to go down and to get the results.



Who is a Good Candidate?

Coolsculpting is safe for most people. However, individuals who are suffering from blood disorders like cold agglutinin disease, cryoglobulinemia, and paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria should avoid getting this treatment done.

A plastic surgeon will be able to judge whether an individual is an ideal candidate for liposuction or not. However, generally, liposuction should be avoided by individuals with blood clotting problems, heart problems, and pregnant women.


Coolsculpting Cost Vs Liposuction Cost

On average, the cost of coolsculpting starts at INR 4,000 per point. On the other hand, liposuction can cost anywhere between INR 30,000 to INR 3 lakh.

Irrespective of the price, you should make sure that you get the procedure that is best for you. You can only arrive at this decision when you have an honest and open conversation with your medical expert. This is why our advice is to be prepared with information but let your medical expert help you lead towards the solution that is the best for you.


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