Thigh Lift Surgery In Delhi – India | Cost & Procedure

       About Thigh Lift Surgery

      Thighplasty (thigh lift) is a cosmetic surgery performed to tighten the loose and saggy skin caused by massive weight loss, pregnancy or aging. The procedure basically inclines towards contouring the thigh parts that need reshaping either because of excessive loose skin or a significant amount of accumulated fat. Through this surgery, you can gift yourself slim thighs that will compliment proportion to your other body parts.

      Thigh lifts are of three major types:

      • Medial thigh lift (upper portion of the inner thigh)
      • Inner thigh lift (lower portion of the inner thigh)
      • Bilateral thigh lift (front and outside of the thigh) 

      The procedure starts with the anesthesia injection and is proceeded with the removal of extra fat and skin. The underlying tissue is reshaped after tightening the skin. Finally, the surgical site is closed with stitches. The surgery lasts for 3-4 hours. 


      Thigh lift surgery has visible effects of swelling that fades in a period of 1-2 months. Other than swelling, the additional risks are as follows:

      • Skin loss
      • Acute pain
      • Numbness
      • Loose skin
      • Fluid buildup
      • Itchy scarring
      • Heart problems
      • Skin discoloration
      • Excessive bleeding
      • Infection and allergy
      • Asymmetry of thigh skin
      • Chances for the requirement of a second surgery

      Patients will need to wear compression cloth on the treated area to avoid skin issues like bruising, scarring, swelling, etc. Similar to an arm lift, there are risks of fluid buildup for which a drainage pipe is connected to the patient’s body. This helps to prevent the spread of infection.

      Post-treatment, patients require complete bed rest for 1-2 weeks.


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