Liposuction Techniques – Microaire vs Vaser

October 18, 2021 | By admin

Liposuction Techniques – Microaire vs Vaser

It is always a struggle to lose the extra fat and weight in the body in comparison to how easy it is to gain it. That extra fat in the body is not appealing at all and can make you look rather frumpy. However, what if we told you that you get rid of that extra fat soon?

There are pretty good chances that you might not believe us. But we are here to tell you that this is possible through the liposuction techniques available in the world of medical science. Are you excited to learn about these techniques? If yes, then you are in the right place as we are going to do just that today!

What is Liposuction?

Before we talk about the different liposuction techniques, it’s important to go over what liposuction means. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can help people achieve their physical appearance goals without any hassle.

There are negligible risks and side effects involved in this procedure. Because of this, many individuals from all across the globe decide to get this treatment done every single year. At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we use the best that science and technology have to offer to make sure that our patients always get the best quality final results.

From the first informative consultation to the final stage of helping our patients adapt to their new look, we are always there for our patients. If you get liposuction done at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, then you get can get:

  • Beautifully sculpted waistline
  • Manly chest
  • Rid of cellulite-ladder thighs
  • Rid of chubby butt
  • Washboard abs

On top of all this, the recovery period for liposuction is also quite minimal. This means that you can see the results of the procedure right after getting the surgery. There might be some bruising and swelling but that will go down with time.


The Liposuction Techniques – Microaire vs Vaser

There are several techniques that can be used to perform liposuction. And the most popular liposuction techniques at the moment are:

  • Microaire
  • Vaser

Both of these techniques have their pros and cons. However, it can be said without a doubt that vaser liposuction is far better than microaire liposuction. Do you believe us? If not, then let’s compare both of these techniques so that you can arrive at the same judgment on your own. The comparison between both techniques is discussed below.


Used for individualized needs of the patient depending on the position, condition, and toughness of the localized fat deposits in the bodyUsed for individualized needs of the patient depending on the position, condition, and toughness of the localized fat deposits in the body
It is a type of power-assisted liposuction technique, which is also known as the PAL techniqueVASER is also known as Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy and Resonance. This is a highly sophisticated and modern technique for performing liposuction
Combats the physical challenges that are posed by the traditional liposuction techniqueIs a painless and minimally invasive liposuction technique
Offers a great position and is an easier technique for the surgeon to perform with greater precisionIs considered to be a significant improvement over the Microaire technique
The tissues are not torn apart or damaged. This means that the fat which is removed can also be used for autologous grafting of other areas if requiredThe technique is performed by using a device that gives out sound waves of very high frequency that helps in loosening and liquefying the stubborn fat deposits in the body
Good to be performed on the belly, arms, legs, waist, neck, knees, buttocks, thighs, side handles, ankles, calves, and male breastsIdeal to be performed on the belly, arms, legs, waist, neck, knees, buttocks, thighs, side handles, ankles, calves, and male breasts

These differences clearly show that VASER liposuction is far better than the traditional or Microaire liposuction techniques.



Get VASER Liposuction at Divine Cosmetic Surgery

We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery go above and beyond when it comes to providing our patients with the highest quality cosmetic surgical procedures. We make sure that the experience of our patients from the second they enter the clinic to their last appointment is of the highest standards.

Dr. Amit Gupta at Divine Cosmetic Surgery has also been successful in performing thousands of VASER liposuction procedures successfully. He is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world and has personally brought the end results that his patients need into the real world. He has been able to do all this because of his decades of medical experience and an equally talented team of experts.

You can also get the best cosmetic surgeries done in India if you book your first free consultation at Divine Cosmetic Surgery now!

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