What is the Best Method for Breast Enlargement?

February 12, 2021 | By admin

What is the Best Method for Breast Enlargement?

For so many ladies around the world, their relationship with their breasts has a considerable impact on their declining mental health. Having boobs that are anything but ‘perfect’ can actually be torturing and tormenting them. We understand that small breasts can make you feel depressed and underconfident. If you are someone who is not comfortable wearing push-up bras to your workplace every day, and still not get the desired results, we understand what you’re going through.


Dr. Amit Gupta a leading plastic surgeon, founder, and director of Divine Cosmetic Surgery, India’s most trusted plastic surgery center has worked relentlessly over the years to help people come out of this situation. He and his team have been in this field for around 17 years and have given their continuous service in implementing new-age technologies and helping people deal with scenarios that require some sort of plastic surgery or transplant. Having gained this much experience has allowed them to become a pioneering source in this field and has also helped them emerge as a very reached out point of contact when anything related to breast augmentation, hair transplant, wart removal, or any other cosmetic surgery is concerned.



What are the procedures?

Breast augmentation and breast silicone surgery are some of the widely spread options that are available in the market as the best methods for breast enlargement.  The method for breast enlargement are primarily two:

1.) Breast silicone surgery – This is a type of surgery that involves the placement of a breast implant in the breast to increase the size. This treatment involves making an incision on the patient’s skin and her fat layer. Post which, the doctor makes a pocket under the breast tissue for placing the implant. He then stitches the layer of fat and skin together.

2.) Fat transfer / Fat grafting – This technique of breast augmentation surgery uses the fat from the patient’s own body to increase the breast size and push up the breasts, instead of the silicone or saline implants. In this technique, the doctor procures the fat from one or more areas of the patient’s body with the help of liposuction and transfers it to her breasts.

The mild variations are in these only.

Let’s go through the basics and try answering all the ‘why?’

The type of procedure for breast enlargement you should follow depends largely on the reason you want it. It depends on how you came into the condition and also on what are your dimensions. The type of services that you should opt for should be based on a thorough analysis of your exact requirement and your budget. Apart from this, you should try and understand the reasons why you would be needing the surgery, whether as a beautification move or whether as a treatment for some medical condition. Dr. Amit Gupta has been giving very fine finishing to his surgeries and cuts. At Divine, you receive endless support and guidance throughout the procedure for breast enlargement.


About the procedures – The how of it.

The procedure for breast enlargement includes inserting silicone tissue during the surgery. Also, in the fat transfer method for breast enlargement, fat is inserted. So, the kind of surgery or treatment that is suitable for you will be suggested to you by your doctor and hence you will be able to feel more confident. Being from a nonmedical background might confuse you after coming across the multitudes of terms out there concerning this surgery. But, once you reach out to the Divine, you will receive individual attention at every step and you will also be walked through the cases that have undergone the procedures under Dr. Amit Gupta. You will get to read about what was their experience. You will also be informed about other methods for breast enlargement such as pharmacological or hormonal breast enhancement and about how one is better than the other. In the exact term, breast augmentation is known as augmentation mammoplasty. This helps you deal with the hanging breast thing that might have occurred after some phase such as pregnancy or maybe it followed a weight-loss session. Anything can be the reason, you have ample options to choose from.
Some people also prefer this because, at times, the size of their breasts is uneven. So, to restore both the breasts to the same size, this is done.



You should be aware of why exactly it is important to choose a service where you don’t have to face all this. To avoid all these situations, it is very important to select the type of surgery that best suits you and you should be undergoing these surgeries under someone with expertise.
Dr. Amit Gupta has written his success operations story with his hard work and persistence. Here you will receive world-class services post the surgery as well. You can reach out to his team any time whenever you are undergoing a dilemma.

The common questions Breast Enlargement

Let us have a look at the common questions that arise when one is considering breast implant/augmentation.
1.) What are the risks associated with this?
The general risks that are associated with the procedures for breast enlargement are:
Breast silicone surgery:  The disadvantage here includes scarred tissues. The damaged tissues can sometimes distort the shape of your breasts. In scientific terms, this is known as capsular contracture.
Fat gratification: Other problematic situations can be implant leakage or rupture due to some reason. The sensation of your breasts and nipples might also change. Some people also experience breast pains.
2.) Is the post-surgery look good? Or do the changes look very artificial?
Here come the exact point and the utmost concern. So many surgeries have been successful and there are herds of people going for this because these techniques have proven to be successful. Dr. Amit Gupta has been providing desired results and has given ample time to his patients. His patients have often been found suggesting him as a consultant to other people based on the satisfaction and the precision in the results that they have got. Dr. Amit Gupta and his team also help the patients to decide their diet and activity list post the surgery to avoid any complications.

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