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Abdomen Liposuction


Nowadays, most of the people face the issue of a fatty abdomen that looks weird. The increased abdominal diameter can be due to being overweight, undergoing any medical issue, or other health-related issues. But having abdominal fat is never good. You have chances of having lots of other health issues if you have a high level of fats in your abdominal area. But to get rid of this problem, you have a quick solution, which is known as Abdomen liposuction. The abdomen liposuction surgery in India will remove the extra layer of fat in your abdomen and will give you a sculpted look.


With the advancement in technology, very minimal risk is associated with abdominal liposuction surgery in India. But for a more safe and secure procedure, patients need to inform their surgeon about any major health issues they had in the past.


As compared to other liposuction surgeries, abdomen liposuction surgery can take a long time because of the area to be covered. But the average time of abdomen liposuction surgery in India is three to four hours. But it varies from patient to patient.


The average cost of abdomen liposuction surgery varies according to the states. But the abdomen liposuction surgery cost in India is meager compared to other western nations.

How does abdomen liposuction surgery work?

Abdominal liposuction is very beneficial if you have smaller fat deposits around your belly area, and you are not able to reduce by other methods like exercising or dieting. This is a convenient and easy way to get a sculpted and toned abdomen within a few days.

Procedure for abdomen liposuction

Under the abdomen liposuction procedure, the patient is first sedated, and then, an incision is created in the treatment area where a cannula is inserted. And this cannula sucks the excess fat from the target area. After that, the incision is bandaged, and it takes almost a week for the incision to get healed. But the healing time can vary in different patients. Divine cosmetics provide successful treatments and the abdomen liposuction surgery cost in India at divine cosmetics is affordable.

Target areas for abdomen liposuction
  • To get a toned abdomen
  • To remove the excess fat deposits hanging around the abdomen
  • To remove the sagging stomach fat
Are there any risks or side effects?

Although there are few complications and risks associated with abdomen liposuction, the following are some of the issues as reported by patients around the world:

  • Sometimes healing the incision can take a considerable amount of time
  • Bruising
  • Swelling of the area
  • The reappearance of fat deposits on the abdomen


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