FAQ on Gynecomastia/ Six Pack

      1. What is the difference between Gland and Fat?

      Gland is the hard nodule below the nipple, that is responsible for the nipple projection. In women this structure causes milk secretion. Fat is the softer stuff present all over the chest (as well as the whole body). This is responsible for the overall shape of the chest.

      1. Why medicinal treatment is unsuccessful to cure Gynecomastia?

      Medicinal treatments are unsuccessful because there is no medicine which can extract your fat and gland under the chest and medicinal treatments can cause many disadvantages as well.

      1. Do you know Gynecomastia can diminish the shine from your personal life as well?

      Gynecomastia makes you fluffy and fat and sometimes the patient can not even able to remove their shirts as well. Enhance your looks by getting your gynecomastia surgery done.

      1. Gynecomastia makes you old?

      Fluffy look makes you old. Never diminish your beauty only because of Gynecomastia(Female like breasts). Get your surgery done to beautify your looks.

      1. Why always choose best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon to get Gynecomastia surgery done?

      Only Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon assures you the best experience and the best surgery results. That’s why every patient should choose only the best Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon to get the surgery done.