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      About Grade 4 with Gynecomastia

      Gynaecomastia is a problem faced by many men across the world. When men suffer from female-like lumps of fat on their chest instead of the firm pectoral muscles that society expects them to have, it is called gynecomastia. It is an issue that steals away the confidence of a lot of men across the world, although most men have it at some point. There are several grades of gynaecomastia depending on how severe or significant the organic build-up of fat as well as gland on your chest is, and grade 4 gynecomastia is the most advanced stage and usually require surgery. Grade 4 Gynecomastia Surgery in India is generally expensive, but Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides one of the lowest gynecomastia surgery cost in India.

      The management of gynecomastia is surgical – it cannot be handled by medicine at all. Sometimes not even exercise can help, if the cause of gynecomastia is a liver failure because of alcoholism or brain tumour.
      It is usually done with local or general anaesthesia.
      It is advised to wear pressure garments for up to three weeks after the surgery. It will take up to three months for the final shape to take form.

      Procedure of Grade 4 with Gynecomastia

      The best treatment for this is chest tightening and once done correctly. The process is usually essential liposuction, done along with the removal of the gland with the fat. The small majority of the patients that need excess skin removal can also get it done.

      The cost of fixing grade 4 gynecomastia surgery in India is usually really high, far more than any ordinary citizen can afford. Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides one of the lowest gynecomastia surgery cost in India and gives you the best doctors and staff – we guarantee your complete safety and confidential treatment that can get you up and running after the surgery in no time.

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