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      About Grade 4 Gynecomastia

      Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the fat and glands in the chest area of men that give off the appearance of having breasts. It is very commonly seen in teenage boys and older men, and are a cause of insecurity for a lot of men across the world. The extra tissues around the nipples are usually the beginning signs of gynecomastia. Still, it can go up to lumps of fat that look like prominent breasts, which is called grade 4 gynecomastia. It can also affect just one breast, which seems quite unusual and can attract attention.

      Grade 4 gynecomastia surgery in India is a costly procedure, but Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides one of the lowest gynecomastia surgery cost in India.

      The procedure is usually done with local or general anaesthesia.
      You can usually return to your normal daily functions three weeks after the surgery, till which it is advised that you wear pressure garments. The final shape can take up to twelve weeks.


      Gynaecomastia is usually removed using a breast reduction surgery. It is a basic liposuction procedure that aims to get rid of the fat and glands that exist under the skin of the patient, leaving it tightened. The excess skin that the patient may have, in which case, there will be sagging skin are extremely difficult to treat, and this procedure will involve a skin lift procedure as well.

      Grade 4 gynecomastia surgery in India, especially when it involves issues like excessive skin tissue, will include a technique called the U-lift procedure. In some cases, Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides a service that is not unlike a classical mastopexy at a price that is among the lowest gynecomastia surgery cost in India. It is usually recommended that the patient also undergoes a skin lifting procedure after the surgery so that the skin on the chest does not look abnormal or ugly.

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