Man Chest Pack

      About Man Chest Pack:

      Pseudogynecomastia or Man chest pack is a condition that occurs in obese men and causes fat deposition in the subareolar area.  The condition cannot be stated as pathological or physiologic as there is just a bilateral deposition of fat that does not change shape and size. In a few cases, there occurs a significant increase in aromatization in fatty tissues that leads to true gynecomastia. 

      Pseudogynecomastia occurs due to hormonal imbalance and gets treated on its own. As stated before, it’s not a disease but can lead to certain psychological issues due to physical embarrassment. 

      The fullness in man chest may occur due to the following factors:

      • Too much fat deposition
      • Loose and saggy skin around the areolar
      • Excess deposition of breast tissue and fat

      Safety for Man Chest Pack:

      Risks involved with the treatment(surgery) of pseudo gynecomastia are:

      • Blood clotting
      • Pain
      • Infection
      • Fluid buildup
      • Allergy
      • Swelling
      • Soreness

      Convenience for Man Chest Pack:

      Post-surgery, you need to use a compression garment to prevent swelling. There also arises a condition of fluid buildup for which a drainage tube is placed to drain the excess fluid and blood. 

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