Male Breast Procedure (Gynecomastia)

      Gynecomastia or commonly ‘man boobs’ is a condition caused due to a variety of reasons in different individuals, such as metabolic disorders, decrease in testosterone production, etc.

      Those affected are limited in wearing clothing of their choice and have to particularly avoid tight clothing. The main contributors in most cases are fat deposition and/or breast gland prominence.

      Gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi can be easily treated by a combination of
      body contouring procedure and gland removal procedure as a daycare procedure, with hardly any associated downtime and return to work as soon as the next day.

      With the help of VASER-assisted 4D body contouring, we can even provide an athletic appearance to the chest area, in addition to the reduction.

      Male Chest Reduction Treatment

      Male chest or Man boobs or Gynecomastia is one of the commonest cosmetic procedure problems in men. This is due to a relative increase in breast tissue and or fat. Weight control or exercise is unable to correct this. This is an embarrassing problem for men because they cannot wear t-shirts or expose their chest. Some men have pointed nipples also. All this can be easily corrected. The latest dimension is to actually create a Pectoral shape. Selective fat and gland removal allows correction of Gynecomastia as well as give a muscle appearance.

      Gynecomastia refers to the condition of excess tissue in the breast areas. The reasons for this may be kidney or liver disorders, use of medicines like steroids, etc. This condition is commonly observed in young men who have the habit of taking steroids for muscle-building purposes. Gynecomastia can affect physiologically. These individuals often need to modify their clothing style. It might be embarrassing for them to perform activities where they need to take off their shirts. These activities include swimming, outdoor sports, etc.

      Physiology of gynecomastia : An increase in the amount of breast tissue (glandular type) or fat tissue (adipose type) or both can lead to this condition. Depending upon the extent of male breast reduction in Delhi. gynecomastia can be categorized into mild, moderate and severe gynecomastia.

      Best Gynecomastia treatment in Delhi: Various methods can be employed to treat this condition. Surgical excision,
      body contouring or a combination of both can be used for treatment. If the best gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is mostly caused due to the accumulation of fat, then body contouring may be beneficial. Surgical excision may be required if the condition is caused due to the deposition of breast tissue. Mostly, a combination of both these methods is used as a remedial measure.