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Lip Filler

About Lip Filler Surgery

Appearance, today, plays a vital role. People want perfect skin, hair, eyes, nose, and lips. Lips play a crucial part in enhancing the features of a person. Those who are not naturally endowed with large lips, lip fillers are a good option to go for if they need to change the size and shape of their lips. Among all the clients that provide Lip Filler Procedure in India, Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides their services at a low and affordable cost.


The procedure is done with anaesthesia, either local or general. Lip fillers are done using a hyaluronic acid-based gel, which is done after giving local anaesthesia. It is a relatively painless procedure and any shape or size can be created given that it is a good surgeon, which Divine Cosmetic Surgery can guarantee you.

Side effects are temporary and lasts only for a few days. Some side effects include bleeding from the injection site, swelling and bruising.


Getting your lip filled is just a procedure that takes just ten minutes. The results can last from six to nine months.

Taking care of your lips after you get the procedure done is important – this can be done by applying ice to the treated area, drinking enough water so that your lips stay hydrated and does not chap and eating healthy vegetables and fruits. It is also advisable not to strain yourself or drink hot or cold food for about 24-48 hours.

Cost Of Lip Filler Surgery In India

Lip filler surgery in India can cost anywhere from sixty to sixty-five thousand or one lakh. This can be really difficult for most clients in India to pay up to. Divine Cosmetic Surgery offers a nominal lip filler cost in India and it is very less compared to other lip filler procedure in India.


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