Best Breast Implant (Breast Enlargement Augmentation Procedure) Clinic In Delhi & Gurgaon (India)
      Breast Implants and markless endoscopic breast Implant Procedure

      Breast augmentation procedure is for those who wish to achieve fuller breasts or to restore lost volume post transformative events such as pregnancy or significant weight loss. This can be done by means of implants or fat transfer.

      We use the latest Brazilian technique – markless endoscopic technique – which results in a nearly invisible incision in the axillary region. The procedure is a day care procedure, with return to most activities of daily living as early as 2 days post procedure.

      You have the option to choose from a variety of implants, sizes, and profiles that best suit your body type. We plan the procedure with sizers in the pre-procedure period so that you know what you’re going to look like post procedure. The implants can be placed either through a small incision on the undersurface of the breasts or through the axillae. The entire process takes about 45 minutes.

      Whether you want a subtle increase in size, want to get rid of padded bras, are looking for a large increase in size (for modelling, etc.), or have breast asymmetry, we have the solution to achieve perfect breasts! Do ask us about sizers to understand which implants are best suitable for you. Divine is the Best Breast Enlargement and Silicone Implants Surgery  Clinic in Delhi

      Planning Of Silicone-implant Breast Enlargement Procedure In Gurgaon

      Prior to the , dimensions of the breast and chest are marked. These measurements give a rough idea about the base diameter and cup size. It is the base diameter that decides the maximum projection and volume of the breast implant. High profile implants are selected for those who require a large projection for a given base parameter. The patient is made to try a few sample implants so that the most appropriate implant can be selected. This also helps in determining the breast size and volume after the procedure.

      For performing the procedure, various incisions like infra-mammary, periareolar, axillary, and transumbilical incisions are utilized. The transaxillary and infra-mammary incisions are most commonly selected.

      Costs Of Breast Implants Procedure In Delhi

      Depending upon the type of breast implant, the procedure expense also varies. When Mentor and Allergan implants are used, the procedure costs approximately $1,900 (inclusive of all the costs). There is a reduction in the cost if Nagor implants are used ($1,700).


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