Macs Lift

      MACS is the acronym of Minimal Access Cranial Suspension. It is a relatively new technique in the field of facelift surgery. Dr. Amit Gupta is the only cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in this procedure. He has obtained training in this latest technique from Dr. Patrick Tonnard (Belgium) in AMCS Lift surgery. He has assisted Dr. Tonnard for a month, making himself well-versed in this surgery. He is responsible for the introduction of this surgery in India. The MACS lift was developed together by Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Alexis Verpaele of Belgium. This procedure is now the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in Europe.

      The surgical procedure is done on an outpatient basis, mostly under local anesthesia. The patient is usually discharged after 6 hours of the procedure. The important components of this procedure are skin marking, a pre-auricular incision in the skin, a zigzag incision on the scalp. No incision is made on the posterior scalp and in the neck. Tightening of the deeper layers of the skin is performed using 2 to 3 purse-string sutures. The SMAS layer is also lifted along with this step. In certain conditions, the neck can bulge out due to fat accumulation. Neck liposuction is commonly performed and the neck skin is reshaped to result in a rejuvenated appearance.

      A trichophytic procedure is performed by Dr. Amit Gupta. In a trichophytic procedure, the incisions are done in a manner that hair growth occurs through the scar. The visibility of the scar is thus eliminated. The complete procedure is now performed by Dr. Amit Gupta in the country. The procedure cost is only about $3,500 or € 2,500.

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