This is a new concept in body contouring involving the nextgeneration VASER combined with a 4–dimensional body contouring procedure. This involves a delicate mixture of aggresive VASER and superficial lipo-contouring to create six-packs, deltoids, chest packs, biceps in men.

      Women can benefit with an hourglass figure and fabulous buttock contouring.

      This revolutionary technique has been proposed by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Colombia at his insitute, DYNAMIX. Dr. Amit Gupta has trained with Dr. Hoyos to learn this technique to the last detail.

      Done as a day care procedure, this technique mimics nature in defining the natural body curves and muscle packs. Post procedure, patients are advised to maintain their weight to achieve the best results.

      4D is one of the most innovative of Body Contouring procedures. Dr Gupta has trained with Dr Alfredo Hoyos in 4D Body Contouring. 4D takes Vaser to its extreme and creates natural , athletic body shapes complete with 6 packs, hour glass figures, buttock shaping, thigh and arms shaping. The basic process of VASER is modified with a specific set of instrumentation. In carefully selected patients, we can create amazing shapes that they can only dream of. It is believed that a large number of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities undergo these procedures before movies to get the chiseled and 6 pack body shape.


      Marking forms the key to this step. 4 D differs from Hi-def vaser is being more specific, and exact. The muscle outlines are taken into account, and so is their dynamic character. The aim is the replicate the packs keeping in mind the changing shape of the muscle in contracted and relaxed state.

      These procedures are done under anesthesia, ideally in a hospital setting. They typically take 4-5 hours to perform. We can create 6 packs, chest packs, and deltoids, biceps , back muscles, in the same session. NO IMPLANTS ARE USED IN THE PROCESS.

      Most procedures are day care, though we advise rest for 5 days. No strenuous activity is permitted for 3 weeks. Ultrasound massages or lymphatic drainage procedure are recommended in the week following the procedures for 5-10 sessions. A specially designed body suit is recommended for a period of 6-8 weeks. This allows rapid reduction of swelling and good skin adherence.

      All incisions are done in a way that they are virtually invisible.


      1. 6 Pack Procedure
      2. Hour Glass Figure Procedure
      3. Buttock Contouring
      4. Back Shaping
      5. Creation Of Deltoid, Chest Packs and Bicpes
      6. Highlighting Thigh Muscles
      7. Thigh Shaping


      1. Motivated Individuals Who Can Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
      2. Body Weight on Par With Height
      3. Fat Component Generally in the Skin and not in the Abdomen
      4. Expectations on Par with Achievable Results


      1. Since This Procedure is Generally Limited to Skin and Superficial Tissues, it s a very Safe Procedure.
      2. Seromas, Hematomas can occur rarely – generally managed Conservatively


      VASER is an acronym for Vibration and Sound Energy at Resonance. It is a form of energy assisted
      body contouring. Energy allows smoother
      body contouring, skin contraction and if properly performed, safer than conventional
      body contouring. Body contouring has taken a new turn with more and more demand for 6 pack procedure in men and creation of hour glass figure in women. It can further be used for buttock augmentation, & breast augmentation, the harvested fat can be injected onto face also.


      Body contouring is not a weight reduction procedure. Many plastic surgeons and patients are under the misconception that
      body contouring can be used to reduce weight. However
      body contouring is a beginning of the a life style. We can reduce the fat from the body, and it is up to the individual to maintain the weight and in fact improve the figure. Ideal patients are below 25 BMI, with a weight within normal limits. These patients are looking for figure corrections, maintaining a 6 pack, creating hourglass figures, buttock contouring, and buttock augmentations. The key in a successful body contouring is to perform selective superficial body contouring. Conventional body contouring is done in a deep plane, and the final body shaping is done in a superficial fat plane.

      Vaser Is Safer And Reliable For Superficial Body Contouring, Without Fear For Burns Or Trauma.


      VASER works on sound energy generation. The VASER machine has a probe that transmits sound energy at the tip in a patented VASER mode, that transmits energy in a sine curve with a negative and positive curve. Thus momentarily the energy is actually off allowing the tissue to cool down, thus prevents burns. In more experienced hands the continuous mode can be used, however the chances of burns are higher since the tissue cooling time is less.

      VASER uses sine curve format to break fat cells. The continuous expansion and contraction of fat from passage of sound breaks the fat cells. It does not affect blood vessels and nerves since they do not contain fat. Liquefaction of fat allows a less traumatic subsequent body contouring. Thus the process is essentially bloodless, the trauma caused is less, skin can be thinned out more with subsequent better skin contours.

      Fat broken down with vaser is viable and has been shown to be excellent for augmentation in areas like buttock, breast, and fat.

      Nextgeneration VASER Combined with a 4–Dimensional Body Contouring