FAQ of Hair Transplant

      1. What is the difference between FUT and FUE Hair Transplant technique?

      FUE refers to the extraction of the hair roots from the donor area with a tool and implantation to the recipient area while FUT treatment refers to the technique of surgery which is considered the best technique because in this technique hair strip is taken off from the donor area and the hair follicles are extracted from the strip and further implanted into the recipient area.

      2. How to decide different stage of baldness, know how we decide baldness stage and treatment as per suitability?

      Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon only tell you the exact stage of baldness and decides the best and suitable treatment as per the baldness stage. Hair Density and Donor Area plays a crucial role in deciding of baldness stage.

      3. How we counsel patients in patients of severe baldness?

      Counselling of patients is very necessary, only the best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon counsel the patient at the best outset. So, always choose best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for consultation regarding the concern.

      4. What are the causes of Hairfall?

      There are a lot of facts that belongs to the hair baldness. Main causes are bad food habits, pollution, genetic factors, excessive use of chemical and colors.

      5. Why we use Combination Hair Transplant technique to get the surgery done?

      Combination hair transplant surgery can be used to increase the hair density and if the patient is expected for more hair in less scars, then only we use combination hair transplant technique.