Looking for Hair Transplant Surgery In Delhi – India : Cost & Procedure

      Looking for Hair Transplant Surgery

      Until a few decades ago, a hair transplant was viewed as a ‘mysterious procedure’ and most people viewed it with a lot of skepticism. They didn’t even know how much a hair transplant costs and assumed that the amount must be way beyond their budget. However, the cost of hair transplants in India is relatively low – as little as 30,000 rupees for hair transplant surgery.

      The low cost of hair transplants is very welcome news for younger men who have started to go bald. We have seen a rising trend of balding at a young age – especially in urban areas where stress, lifestyle, poor diet, and pollution have caused men in their 20s and 30s to go bald.

      If you are considering going in for a hair transplant surgery, one of the first things you will have to do is consider the hair transplant costs.

      FUT procedure (Follicular Unit Transplantation)is the cheapest form of hair transplant in which, a strip of tissue with hair is removed and the hair follicles from it are implanted in areas that have hair loss.
      We, at Divine Cosmetic surgery have performed 4000 plus hair transplant procedures in Men and Women, using FUT (Follicular unit transplantation), FUE (Follicular unit extraction), modified DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) types, Robotic Hair Transplant procedures in our practice in New Delhi, India which makes us one of the best hospitals for surgery in the country.

      These surgeries are performed by Dr. Amit Gupta, who is a renowned plastic surgeon. In an FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction), a small punch is used to remove individual hair follicles and they are then implanted in the scalp using a fine needlepoint instrument. This is the most popular hair transplant method as it has a distinct advantage over FUT – it does not cause any scarring scanty hair.

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