Low Cost Hair Transplant

      Divine Cosmetic Surgery has two branches, Delhi and Gurgaon with a well-trained staff to perform procedures such as Hair transplant, Face surgery, Breast aesthetic surgery, body contouring surgery, Botox, Fillers, Breast implant surgery among others.

      If you are considering a hair transplant you may want to consider traveling to get your hair transplant at a discounted rate. A popular destination for hair transplants today is visiting India for some of the finest clinic facilities for hair transplant surgery but they can work at rates that are substantially lower than most North American hair transplant clinics.

      With the average cost of hair transplant surgery in India starting at an average of 60,000RS (878.99 USD) throughout India and rising to an incredible minimum cost of $1550 in the United States you can save an average of 70-75% on the cost of your surgery simply by getting it done in India.  An increasing number of medical tourists are making their way to India each year for these types of procedures. Not only is hair transplant surgery more common, but with the cost savings that can be had in India FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and advanced hair transplant surgery is on the rise as well!

      If the operating doctor comes highly recommended and highly in demand from many travelers and locals they can often command a higher price for their services. Hair Transplant costs vary from patients to patients, several grafts required, the skill of the doctor and time took.

      Dr. Amit Gupta, who is the star doctor at Divine, fits the bill perfectly with many titles to his name such as Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon performing various procedures such as Hair transplant, Body Contouring, Breast enlargement including Endoscopic Markless Breast Augmentation, VASER, and Breast reduction at a very low cost. 

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