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Buccal Fat Surgery


Buccal fat surgery has covered distinct dimensions to impart fat-free cheeks to patients in India. The procedure is carried out with fat removal especially in the areas of cheek hollows. Even though the filled cheeks are considered young and active, some people find their faces fatty and chubby.
During the surgery, the doctor removes the fat-pad layer that naturally occurs near the cheek hollows. This surgery is not performed in thin people or people having narrow face cut otherwise there remains a risk of face turning bonier with age.


A number of risk factors and complications are associated with buccal fat surgery.
Facial nerve injury (the one associated to control the facial functions)
Harmful reactions to anesthetics
Damage to the parotid duct (can cause issues with salivation)


The whole procedure of buccal surgery is carried out in an hour. Some doctors also recommend to couple the process of fat removal with liposuction. However, the risk of scarring remains in this case.
During the initial days after the treatment, the patient may experience swelling, pain, and problem while chewing, which is very normal to occur for almost a week. Hence, patients are advised to take a week off and have sufficient rest.


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