FAQ on Face

      1. How long, Facelift surgery takes to recover post surgery?

      Patients can go back home after a few hours, the swelling lasts for about a week after the procedure.

      2. Do you know, Facelift Surgery is ne of the most complicated procedures in Plastic Surgery

      Process of facelift surgery is very smooth and easy to execute, but it must be noted that it only need expertise and specialized Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon  and requires a rest of about 1 week.

      3. What to expect from Facelift surgery?

      Patient can expect face contouring from facelift surgery which enhance the facial appearances.

      4. Do you know the minimum age of Facelift surgery?

      The minimum age required is 40 for face lift as facelift surgery helps to enhance face beauty.

      5. How long does tightness stay post facelift surgery?

      Tightness can be subside within 8 to 10 days post surgery and patient can relax easily.