Dimpleplasty : Dimple Creation Procedure & Surgery

      Dimple Creation Procedure

      Dimples on the face are usually located on the cheeks but in some cases, dimples may also be present on the chin of an individual. From an anatomical perspective, dimples are formed due to the insertion of fascial groups of the zygomaticus major muscles to the dermal or dermis. This is done for the tethering effect of the zygomaticus major bifid muscle.

      Dimples also have a huge appeal amongst people. They look quite attractive to people. And because of this, many patients request to have artificial dimple creation. The cosmetic surgery procedure that is used to create these artificial dimples is known as dimple creation surgery.

      Ideally, you should only get dimple creation surgery from a skilled cosmetic surgeon. This means that you shouldn’t compromise on the dimple creation surgery cost in India. This will ensure that even if you end up paying a bit extra on the dimple surgery cost in India, you will still get the best possible results.

      Today, we’ll talk about this surgery in detail and the dimple surgery cost in Delhi.

      What is the Procedure of Dimpleplasty?

      A dimpleplasty is an outpatient procedure. This means that you can get this procedure done directly at a cosmetic surgeon’s clinic and you wouldn’t be required to visit the hospital. This would reduce the dimpleplasty cost in India to a certain extent as the patient will save on hospital room charges.

      In some cases, the patient might not even be required to go under general anesthesia. The steps that are followed for performing this surgery are:

      • The cosmetic surgeon will use a topical anesthetic like lidocaine on the skin. This is done to make sure that no discomfort or pain is experienced by the patient during the operation. It takes around 10 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect
      • A biopsy tool is used to create a hole into the skin to create a dimple
      • A little bit of fat and muscle is removed to help in the creation of a region that is roughly 2-3 millimeters in length
      • When the cosmetic surgeon is creating the space for the upcoming dimple, then they also place a suture or sling out of one side of the cheek muscle into another. The sling is then tied to place the dimple permanently set up

      After going through this procedure, you might already be able to guess that there are several factors that affect the dimple surgery price in India.

      The Recovery From Dimpleplasty

      Recovering from dimpleplasty is a rather simple process. There is no need for the patient to remain in the clinic. Usually, the patient can go back home immediately after the surgery. One can experience mild swelling after a short while of getting the surgery. This is nothing to worry about. You can simply apply cold packs to reduce the swelling or you can leave it as it is as the swelling will go away on its own.

      After two to three days of getting the surgery, you can go back to your work, college, or other routine activity. The cosmetic surgeon might also schedule a follow back appointment to check on the outcome of the procedure.

      The Cost of Dimpleplasty

      As mentioned before, there are several factors that can affect the cost of a dimpleplasty. One of these factors is whether an individual wants to get the procedure done on one cheek or both cheeks.

      The cosmetic surgeon will also prescribe antibiotics for healing. These antibiotics might cost much depending on what exactly has been prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon. Pain medications might also be prescribed but patients can also take some over-the-counter pain medications.

      Most cosmetic surgeons also ask patients to invest in a betadine mouthwash that one would use during the recovery. The entire surgical process takes around 30 minutes to perform. The cost of the Dimpleplasty surgery might also range from INR 35,000 to INR 60,000. However, if you want to know the exact cost of the procedure, then you should directly contact the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi.

      The Possible Complications

      Dimpleplasty is a relatively safer process than other surgical procedures. However, if this procedure is not done correctly, then some possible complications that can arise are:

      • Mild postoperative swelling
      • Postoperative hemorrhage
      • A buccal branch of facial nerve injury
      • Scar formation in a controlled place
      • Abscess formation
      • Foreign body granuloma
      • Oozing
      • Bleeding

      In case of any complications, the patient should directly contact the cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible.

      The Results of Dimpleplasty

      Most patients face no complications to minimal swelling during their recovery. A solidly made dimple will be visible to the patient for the first couple of weeks. But after that, the dimple will act like a real dimple, which means that it will only be visible when the patient is grinning. You might also find it interesting to note that this surgery is possibly reversible.

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