Forehead Fillers Treatment

      About Forehead Fillers Treatment

      Forehead filler is a treatment given through injections that do not involve any kind of surgery. Its effectiveness remains in imparting fullness to the forehead areas that are eventually thinning due to aging. 

      Doctors use substances like calcium hydroxylapatite, polyalkylimide, polymethyl methacrylate microspheres, hyaluronic acid, and polylactic acid, in the injections for the sake of treatment. 

      Filler’s lasting span varies, in some, it may last for 6 months while in others its span may exceed 2 years or longer.

      The ultimate goal of fillers is to enhance the shallow areas of the forehead,  remove the wrinkles on the face, and fill the recessed scars.

      Safety For Forehead Fillers Treatment

      Although filler is considered a safe treatment, still some side effects may occur. These can be:

      • Vision issues or partial blindness
      • The appearance of lumps on the treated area
      • Itching and occurrence of rashes
      • Swelling, bleeding, bruising, scarring, infection, redness
      • The skin cells  may die due to loss of blood flow in the treated area

      These side effects occur in rare cases. A number of forehead fillers treatments are performed each day that result in a positive track of safety.

      Convenience For Forehead Fillers Treatment

      Forehead fillers are especially injected by dermatologists or plastic surgeons and the cost of the treatment also varies according to the amount of filler required by your forehead. The average cost of the treatment is INR 70,000.

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