Jaw Plastic Surgery

      About Jaw Surgery

      Jaw Reduction Surgery in India is a procedure to give the jawline a more contoured, triangular, and pear-like shape, reducing the bulky, square face. Jaw reduction surgery can increase the aesthetic appeal and provide a youthful look.


      The procedure does not require anesthesia. There are absolutely no side effects.


      The procedure takes only about five minutes. One can go home immediately. The results take about three weeks to show.

      Cost of Jaw Surgery

      Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides low-cost treatments that are affordable as well as one of the best jaw reduction surgery in India.

      Procedure for Jaw Plastic Surgery

      Jaw Reduction procedure in India is a cosmetic procedure that is used to give the jawline a sharper and more pear-shaped look. It reduces the bulky look caused by a square-shaped jawline. It takes hardly ten minutes to perform the procedure. Jaw reduction surgery in India is prevalent and affordable.Jaw reduction surgery gives you a clearer jawline that provides the face with a more triangular shape, which creates a more youthful look.

      How does jaw reduction surgery work?

      Jaw reduction procedure in India is a surgery where Botox injections are administered to a patient. It is given in specific areas near the jawline so as to get the preferred jawline. 50 to 60 units of Botox are injected into the area. It is done using a very fine needle into specific muscles. Hence, a slight discomfort from the needle may be the only feeling you will have. The entire procedure takes just about five minutes. There is no anesthesia involved as only injections are administered.

      Are there any risks or side effects?

      There is absolutely no side effect for Jaw reduction surgery in India. The procedure only involves injecting Botox; hence, there is hardly any chance for side effects. However, one must consult the doctor before the procedure if they are allergic to Botox. Divine cosmetics offer effective and safe jaw reduction procedure in India.


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